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Re: walking with snake on you

I think what Jim, Andy and Ziggy have said is all good advice...

That being said, I'll throw my two cents in: I take my snakes outside occasionally, for a few minutes, but we don't leave my yard which is on a quiet, one way road. I would LOVE to get some great climbing photos of my snakes, but I don't have a suitable tree in my yard, so it's not an option for me.
OP, you live in a high rise, so taking your snakes outside isn't an option for you.
Saying you don't care about what people think.of you is fine. I don't really care too much about what people think of me either. However, it's not about YOU in this situation, it's about the ANIMALS!!!!! Don't be so selfish. It also reflects negatively on our hobby, which already has enough scrutiny. cited a few examples of people walking around China with big snakes. Does that make it a good idea? Heck no. If a few people were stapling devil horns and shark fins to their snakes would you do that too??

Bottom line is this: there is NOTHING to gain by bringing your snakes in public. If you want to educate people on the reptile hobby, do it the right way. Until you have a private yard to bring your snakes it's best they stay inside, for them and for the reptile community. It's not just about you...
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