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Re: walking with snake on you

It has nothing to do with what people think of you. If the snake out of nowhere decides to bite, then you have an issue with liability. Couple that with the fact that many people look at snakes negatively and don't expect to see them in public, then you can make that negative outlook worse. The key to education is using the proper setting or forum, where people come and expect to learn, not springing it on them in a park. As a keeper and a breeder, I want to improve laws for us, and risking a bite occurring with a stranger, or having an animal that many have a phobia about in public unexpectedly are negative attention. You're totally in your right to do what you want, and this wouldn't be the first time that you've disregarded my opinion, but I don't have to agree with what you do, and if you're walking around in public with your snake, I don't like that because it could make things harder for those who keep reptiles.
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