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Re: New Burmese python enclosure (need help)

Originally Posted by craigafrechette View Post
Having used wood enclosures in the past, and still using one now, I say ditch the linoleum unless you seal the crap out of it. If any corners start to come up the snake can and will get to it and rip it up more, and the adhesives underneath can be a nightmare. Either way, seal the crap out of the entire inside of the enclosure. Humidity over time will warp it otherwise. You'll also need to reseal it every handful of years.
Yeah I built a large 2 story enclosure for my argentine black and white tegu in the same way. I have a 5 gallon bucket of drylok still about half full I could use. What would you recommend for sliding glass doors? I've been doing some research on them but still having a hard time finding the right length of track. Also what thickness of. Glass would you recommend?
I'm thinking about making the enclosure 10ft long by 3ft wide and 2ft high. I have a 160watt Radiant heat panel from reptile basic I'll be using to heat it and I'll be installing 5000k led lights to mimic day light and have it on a 10 hour cycle. Would that suffice you think?
Thanks again for the help.
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