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Re: Carpet stop eating

Originally Posted by EL Ziggy View Post
I'd wait a week or two and try again. Why do you string them together? Can't you just offer the 2nd prey item after she finishes the 1st?
I give 6 quails and after first she go to her hide. Plus she is shy eater. Almost never took food from tweezers.
Yesterday after I placed quails in her viv, take from hide and place her on branches. In 5 mins she went down to sniff every quail. After that she back to branches and lowered her head and part of body in strike shape and start starring at quails. That behavior was 3 times(weeks) already. Usually she starts eating quails after 2-3 rounds of sniffing all quails. She almost never strikes quails, it's looks like she takes quail carefully from a nest and runs away.

There is one thing. Yesterday while she was shedding she yawned at least 4 times. Can it be a bad sign ?
Sorry my English Feel free to correct my mistakes.

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