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Ball Python enclosure

Hi everyone

I am considering buying a Ball Python. I have done my research and have talked about the general care with a breeder at a convention.
I have however neglected to ask a very important question: housing.

Per information: when and if I will purchase my ball python I will be looking for a male that is about 3-6 months old and since I am a first time owner I would go for one that is feeding well and that has shedded their skin at least once without issue.

As to the question at hand... I have done my research and have come to the conclusion that a terrarium for a Ball Python should approximately be 80x40x40 (width x height x depth). I was wondering if you could place the small snake in this big environment or if it will stress them out. Should I provide I smaller tank untill they have grown a bit? Let's say 600g-800g? Or could I just divide the big tank so it becomes a bit smaller?

Lots of thanks in advance!
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