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Re: Feeding Question

Originally Posted by craigafrechette View Post
Hmmm, sounds like a food strike to me.
3 out of my 4 snakes are on food strikes right now. The only one eating is my King. It's frustrating, but comes with the hobby. Today is feeding day, so we'll see...

Good luck, hope your boy snaps out of it soon.

Yea that is what I am hoping for!! Thanks for your advice!

Originally Posted by EL Ziggy View Post
I agree with Craig. It sounds like your boy is growing up and has other things on his mind besides food . If your temps and humidity are good I wouldn't worry. He should snap out of it soon. One of my male carpet pythons just started eating after a 3 month fast. My male bull snake hasn't eaten since December. I'm sure he'll come around soon too. I usually just wait them out but sometimes a live feeder will help jump start their appetites after a winter or breeding season fast.

Haha he may have other things on his mind.... maybe an excuse to get another snake to fulfill he needs lol!
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