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Re: UTH question

I would set the t-stat up. Set it up and try again. A 90 hotspot is as high as I go for any of my snakes (however, I'm not familiar with Hogg Island Boa husbandry requirements). So if you're getting 90 on the glass you should be fine (assuming HI Boas don't require higher).

Its important to remember that snakes can/will burrow, so the surface temp over the UTH is important, not the substrate temp. If it's not quite warm enough for them on top of the substrate, they will push it around to get to the glass.

As for the UTH helping with ambient temps, that's not what they are designed for. Your UTH is there solely to provide a hot spot to aid in digestion and not for ambient temps.
If your ambient house temps are lower than high 70s- low 80s all the time, you'll need an additional heat source, also regulated by a t-stat.
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