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Re: UTH question

I may be a little confused and reading this wrong, so please forgive me if I am mistaken...

It sounds like you're using your hand (approx 98-99 degrees) to check the OUTside underneath part of thw UTH. If so, that will not give you anywhere near an accurate temp...

You need to be checking the actual INTERIOR surface directly on the glass. The hottest place the snake can touch. And you need to be using a temp gun to get an accurate temp.

As for the 1/4" of substrate, yes, that's true over the UTH. You can go a bit deeper throughout the rest of the enclosure, but keep it thin over the UTH. You'll find your snake will burrow and move the substrate around anyhow.

It's important to measure the actual surface temp, where the snake can burrow and come in contact with the glass, not the substrate. I typically have to set my tstats around 4-8 degrees higher than my desired temp to achieve desired temps.
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