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Corn snake pooping a lot


I recently got a Carolina corn (just over a week ago) and since day one he's pooped on me every single day (except for the day after his feeding when I didn't handle him).
Bit of back story. He's roughly 4 months old and I've fed him one large pinky since I got him (he gets fed once every Monday). I try to handle him a little every day so he can get used to me and being handled and he actually handles really well. He's really curious and affectionate. The only thing is, he's pooping on me every time. I've learnt to read the signs of when he's going to do it so I can make sure I've got tissue or something so it's not on my clothes. I was just wondering if this is normal. It starts out as a yellowy, white colour (which I'm assuming is his pee) and then it's the brown poop.
I figured he'd poop right after feeding but not all week long. I've taken care of snakes before on my animal management course in college and not once was I crapped on.
So I was just wondering if you guys think this is normal or not?
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