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Re: Adopted Suriname boa very small?

Originally Posted by bigsnakegirl785 View Post
Good luck! Yeah, his girth should catch up as he matures, I wouldn't really expect too much girth while he's so young and small. As riddick said, BCC seem to grow much slower even when BCI are fed the same way (there are always exceptions but that seems to be pretty common).
Yeah Inara turns one in August and she’s just as big as the other 2 bcc that are turning 2 in August and September. The babies in that litter came out big! All 3 together. The darkest one is the youngest. Her mom was a first time, big older female.

These two next to each. Both turning 2 soon and fed the same way, plus the albino is a Het Leopard so there’s a little dwarf floating around in him. Not that the dwarf shows anymore for him lol it is interesting to see how different everyone is growing even fed the same. The bcc boy isn’t that much shorter than the other one. He’s just lanky and doesn’t have as much mass yet.
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