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Re: Where to find hog island boa?

Originally Posted by Wildernessmedic View Post
Well if anyone have a lead please let me know. Ive posted on fauna classifieds, called what seems like every shop in the country, and still cant find one. This seems super weird. If I cant find one in a few months ill probably give up and get something else that I don't really want since I already went through the trouble of setting up a nice viv with a custom lid.
The best lead I know of is Vin Russo or Cutting Edge Herpetological, but be prepared to be waitlisted for a few years with Russo as his babies are in high demand. I see Hogs for sale all the time, though, so it's weird you aren't finding any.

Do you not have a FB or anything? I see quite a few people posting Hogs in the Boa Constrictor Keepers group. To be fair, a decent bit of them are mixes, but the two I listed above are your best bets for pures. I also found a Hog Island Boa Keepers group just by plugging in "Hog Island boas" into the search bar.

Better to hold out for what you want, rather than regret getting something else later. Hogs should not be that hard to find.
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