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Re: Where to find hog island boa?

Originally Posted by Aaron_S View Post
Your size on Hog Island boas are a little high. 6+ is on the extreme rare size for purebred. Hog Island boas are island snakes which means naturally they are a smaller species. Only reason they get big in captivity is due to the mixing of genetics with their larger cousins and passed off as "pure". On top of heavier feeding.

Here's a link to Corey Woods old birthing record where he has his pure lines (wild caughts he imported a long time ago but no longer has). They aren't very large snakes. .:Corey Woods Reptiles:. Birthing Record

The price up here in Canada was around $200 to $300 for Corey's pure lines a few years ago. I wouldn't really pay more than that USD for one either. Even though they are hard to come by it doesn't make them super pricey.
It is assumed to be rare, but many breeding females I've seen have hit 7', even pure. If you're feeding them less, they'll stay smaller longer, but feed them like you would any other boa, and they'll easily reach larger sizes.

Perhaps certain lineages stay smaller as well, but I have seen my fair share of people get boas from, say, Vin Russo, under the assumption they'll most likely not get bigger than 5', and end up with 6'+ individuals.

The most common sizes I see for older Hogs (at least 6+ years) is 6'-7'.

Some of the original wild caught individuals were 8', from what I have been told. They don't stay small with enough food, or with enough time for growth. If they get bigger with more food, then they aren't naturally small snakes. A snake that stays smaller naturally would stay smaller even with more food, though you may at most see a slightly larger snake. Power feeding gets snakes bigger quicker, but should not increase their size potential.

It does not seem any sizes have been provided in the link you shared, and it's not easy to gauge size from the pictures. 19 babies is a decent sized litter, however.
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