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Re: Adopted Suriname boa very small?

Originally Posted by Pedroo View Post
Please don,t listen to those telling you that he is not underweight or underfed. Surley he was underfed in that shelter. You can help him, you have to move him to rats immediately. Small rats at the begining, after a month or two, medium rats, and if he does well move him to large rats. He is already underweight, so if you feed him a bit more he will use the food to reach his normal size and weight
This advice is terrible. You cannot just say to move to small rats and move him to large rats ASAP without even seeing the snake. The snake is not large enough to eat small rats, and won't be large enough to eat large rats for several years. If it was the estimated 3'-4', small rats would be a good size, but it looks much smaller than that.

The boa is small enough I'd hesitate to suggest even weaned rats. My boas of that size are eating large adult mice.

Originally Posted by Kashy View Post
Here are some pictures from his bath today. He still had some stuck shed remnants. I did not weigh him today because by the end of the bath the water had cooled and he was eager to be back in his enclosure. I'll weigh him tomorrow.
He looks much smaller than the estimated 3'-4'. I think you should be fine sticking to the mice as you've been doing. He will gain weight and size with time.

Do not power feed as Pedroo has been advocating. A stunted snake that is fed as much as you can put into them can cause a whole host of problems...I've even seen such snakes develop severely kinked spines.

Take it slow and easy, and he'll grow with time.
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