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Re: Where to find hog island boa?

Originally Posted by bigsnakegirl785 View Post
Hog Islands are still going to get a decent size, they average 5'-7' with the potential for 8'. A slower feeding regimen will keep them smaller for longer, but I wouldn't starve them.

Hog Islands from a specialist breeder are going to be in high demand, and you could be on a waitlist for a year or two or more. If you're not particular about its lineage or where it comes from, you may be able to find some for sale on a classifieds website like Kingsnake or Fauna. Just look and see if there are any reviews of the seller you have in mind, or make a choice if you want to risk buying if you can't find anything.
Your size on Hog Island boas are a little high. 6+ is on the extreme rare size for purebred. Hog Island boas are island snakes which means naturally they are a smaller species. Only reason they get big in captivity is due to the mixing of genetics with their larger cousins and passed off as "pure". On top of heavier feeding.

Here's a link to Corey Woods old birthing record where he has his pure lines (wild caughts he imported a long time ago but no longer has). They aren't very large snakes. .:Corey Woods Reptiles:. Birthing Record

Originally Posted by Wildernessmedic View Post
5-7í is a lot better than 6-10+. I should be able to get by with a 4/5í Long enclosure even as an adult right? That helps where I was going to put it.

I donít need some high end boa with a high price tag just because some well known breeder is selling it. I just donít want to purchase it from somewhere like pet co where it might be half dead and loaded with mites.
The price up here in Canada was around $200 to $300 for Corey's pure lines a few years ago. I wouldn't really pay more than that USD for one either. Even though they are hard to come by it doesn't make them super pricey.
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