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Re: Fostering/adopting snake

Quick update:

We have had the snake about a week and a half now. He's lovely but it's clear he hasn't been handled all that much (or perhaps he gets excited when he first comes out or is just getting to know us). He has eaten and done all the other things he's supposed to do. He had a full shed before he was picked up which was left in with him so we were able to see that.

He was in a filthy condition (probably not been cleaned out since before Christmas) but quite healthy and happy although the guy who was trying his best to look after him gave him a half eaten wild rat that his cat caught and lost interest in!!!

I'm a bit scared of the size he's going to become (he's around 4-5ft now) as I've only had experience with Royals, Corns and Brazilian Rainbow Boas but he is lovely. We are still spending time researching and any information or good sources of information would be appreciated.
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