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Re: When is a python considered adult size?

For point a, most people consider them adults once they reach typical breeding age and/or size. Not all pythons will reach X size, and some may go beyond that.

For point b, they certainly do stop growing. "Indeterminate growth" is a term I've heard thrown around, that is usually assumed to mean "never stop growing." What it actually means is that there is no way to predict a snake's growth. They do not follow a predictable pattern in growth, and each individual will grow at their own rate, even when comparing to their direct clutch mates. As snakes age, their ability to grow deteriorates.

Even when feeding regimen is kept the same (such as feeding a certain percentage of weight a set amount of days apart), you cannot predict how a snake will grow later in life.

Now, certain factors will change growth rates. A snake fed less earlier in life will take longer to grow, snakes fed more will reach their peak size sooner. If a snake lives to 10 years (dying prematurely due to an accident or illness) when they might have reached their peak size at 15 years and could potentially live 20-30+, it could certainly seem like they grew for their entire lives. Snakes also sometimes hit growth spurts later in life, but they don't just keep growing forever until they die of old age. They grow until they hit a predetermined size, however long that takes, if they live long enough to reach that size and have adequate food.

For point c, this is why you need to be taking the species into consideration instead of trying to generalize.

For your particular python. Again, you cannot predict his growth. If he is meant to stay under 6' he will, if he is meant to get over 6' he will. Even if his growth plateaus, that does not mean he won't hit a growth spurt later on. There is literally no way to even reasonably guess.
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