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Re: Adopted Suriname boa very small?

Yup 3'-4' sounds a good size for his age, but considering he was underweight when you got him I'd still treat him like an emaciated boa. Slowly build up his prey size until he's up to a normal sized meal (my boas of that size are eating weaned or small rats).

While he's underweight, weekly feedings should be ok, but once he starts looking good again, I'd scale back to a 2 week schedule. You don't want him to go from one extreme to the other. A healthy weight adult only needs to eat every 4-6 weeks, but at only 2 years he's still got a few years ahead of him before he gets that big.

He still has plenty of potential to reach adult sizes, a properly fed boa doesn't reach adult sizes until 4-6 years old, and can grow noticeably for many years after that.
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