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Re: Where to find hog island boa?

Originally Posted by Wildernessmedic View Post
5-7í is a lot better than 6-10+. I should be able to get by with a 4/5í Long enclosure even as an adult right? That helps where I was going to put it.

I donít need some high end boa with a high price tag just because some well known breeder is selling it. I just donít want to purchase it from somewhere like pet co where it might be half dead and loaded with mites.
Most boas are going to be 8' or under anyways. I've heard tall tales of boas over 10', but have yet to see some that big. The biggest I'd ever expect would be 9'-10', and boas that big are nearly as hard to find as a needle in a haystack, and take many many years to get that big unless you really power feed them.

The length of the enclosure depends on how big the snake ends up. You want Length+Width to be equal to or greater than the snake's length as a bare minimum. Boas take a long time to grow, so it's not realistic to plan ahead of time unless you plan for the absolute biggest you think it will get and upgrade if that somehow ends up not being enough.

Hogs can be hard to find. Try going to a few reptile expos if there's any nearby, find a Facebook group, and just generally keep an eye out for ads. We're in baby season, so you should see sales ads coming out of the woodwork.
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