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Re: My Boa Feeding Regimens - TL;DR Warning

So, the weights are in:

Nymeria came in at 716 grams, that's up 33 grams since her weight on 4/20. No defecation yet. She is currently getting a small rat or day old chick every 2 weeks. May push her back out to 3 weeks as I'm happy with her progress.

Tirel came out at 906 grams, that's up 68 grams since 4/5, and she has defecated. That jump isn't surprising as I've been feeding her medium rats rather than her usual smalls. I had to order from Rodent Pro due to some...weird...occurrences (such as an error message saying the company could not deliver to my address), and since they don't vacuum pack, I wanted to go ahead and start her on the smallest mediums I had. She gets one of those every 2 weeks, but I'm not comfortable pushing out her feedings to 3 weeks just yet.

Crona came in at 369 grams, up just 18 grams since 4/5, no defecation yet. Still getting just a weaned rat or day old chick every 2 weeks.

Howl was 1,106 grams when I weighed him after his defecation on 4/30, and came in at 1,101 grams today. He's getting a small rat every 2-3 weeks.
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