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When is a python considered adult size?

I know there is probably a huge amount of individual variation, but are there any general rules as to when a snake (in this case a python) is considered an adult or not? I've read about this on other forums and the replies are somewhat confusing:

a) Pythons should be considered adult at a certain size, not age.
b) Pythons never actually stop growing, which would make the above determiner difficult.
c) Some species have a huge difference in their "adult" lengths (e.g. retics can be anywhere between 10-20 feet), which again would make the above determiner difficult.

I have a Timor python which was acquired by the dealer in June 2016 as a captive hatched baby. I bought him last October at 4 feet long (120cm) and 530 grams. Almost seven months later he is now 5 feet long (150cm) and 810 grams. He sheds once every two months, and doesn't eat for a couple of weeks during that period.

At the moment he's eating one 40 gram mouse every 6-7 days. I'll start him on 60g rats in a couple of months time when I next order, and think about spacing them out once every 7-10 days.

I've heard they can get up to 3000 grams or so, but the females are thicker set than the males so he might not get so big. I've also heard they can stop growing at less than 6 feet. Sexual maturity is supposed to be at around 5 years old, which means little if the above points on size being more important are correct.

How does everyone else gauge things? Thanks. is offline  
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