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Re: I fed my boa too big of a rat

El soggy I like your approach I think we are on the same page. It’s onteresting and great to see all our different feeding regimens. The important thing to remember is we all seem to have lots of experience and know what we are doing and we have healthy and beautiful constrictors in the end! in my case larger meals less often are how I like to go.

Big snake girl. Sorry I don’t know got to quote on here yet... but you mentioned you don’t start smalls. I’m guessing small rats until 3.5-4ft. Well my the time no boy is 3 ft he’s only 30 “ now. He will be 3/3.5 ft before he is eating smalls. So our guidelines aren’t that much apart I just seem to feed larger prey less often. Unfortunately right now since our little mishap of him getting lost outside for the night he regurgitated the mouse (so I think) from the stress and cold I have never had a snake do this before. But I tried to feed today. A week later. No luck still he hisses and pulls away. I’m pretty sure he’s beginning his shed cycle. He shed a month ago today so.... anyone have any indicators on very early shed stages and signs of a BCC shedding? Been a while since I have owned a boa. ?
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