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Re: I fed my boa too big of a rat

Originally Posted by EL Ziggy View Post
@ BSG- Our feeding schedules are different mostly because I feed more frequently. I know boas have a slower metabolism so I can understand why they would eat less often. My colubrids and pythons get medium rats at about 500-600g also. The medium rats are 100-150g each so still roughly 20-25% of the snake's body weight. My snakes eat every two weeks on average vs. every 3-4 weeks for your critters. So far they all seem to be doing pretty well.
My subadult boas are eating every 2 weeks atm. My adults are the only ones eating 3-4+ weeks (3 out of 4 of the adults anyways). All of my other species eat every 1-2 weeks, only the boas currently go 3+ weeks.

I do feed retic bigger meals and more often, I'd be feeding them large medium rats by 500-600 grams as well. I don't think I'd feed my bp that big of meals at that size, but any species with as fast a metabolism as retics, yes. My garters have fast metabolisms, but even they get meals under 15% of their weight. Draco probably comes close to 15% at times, but Demigod gets maybe 5%. And they got reaally chunky eating those size of meals weekly, so that's why I had to space at least Draco's meals out. XD

My bp is 1,400 gram and still only gets smalls, and that's more than enough for him. He lost some weight during the time with my mom, but before that all happened, he went from a record low weight to a record high weight eating just a small rat every 2 weeks. I was debating on putting him out to 3 weeks if his weight gain didn't even out, since he was starting to look chunky. He lost some weight during the time with my mom, so he may have been gaining that weight back while with SerpentineDream.

Originally Posted by Andy_G View Post
I feed accordingly...some of the things I observe and consider would be when the last meal was passed, how big that meal was and approximately how long ago it was fed, is it breeding season, is the snake looking for food, how quick is that individuals/species metabolism, strength of feeding response, and so on. Not always a set schedule or "formula", not always the same food size or food type. This has been the case for the thirty or so different species I have had the pleasure to keep and breed over the last 17 or so years and I have raised many hatchlings that I produced to breeding size and then bred them, so I am happy with how I do things and don't think they need a regular regimen to be healthy, nor do I think it will always produce a better growth rate or a longer lived animal. I think feeding regimens/schedules/formulas are great for people who don't have the experience to do the forementioned though, or appropriate if one has a very large collection of individuals of the same species in order to create an upkeep routine. In my opinion, in regards to this species we are talking about, feeding the way you describe is too much food, but that's not to say that i'm right and you're wrong. I also think that BSG feeds a bit on the light side, but once again, not necessarily a question of right or wrong. Feeding is a topic that no matter how one phrases how or or what they do, not everyone will agree on...but I will mention when I think what is being advised is too much food.
I feed in a similar manner as you do, I just have a basic guideline to keep me grounded. If I didn't have that, I would be lost in lalaland. I don't stick 100% to it, sometimes I'll feed more sometimes I'll feed less. I follow the body tone of my animals. The guideline works most of the time though.
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