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Re: My Boa Feeding Regimens - TL;DR Warning

Originally Posted by BallBuster7653 View Post
Lying wrong with that. As long as they’re not loosing any weight or become malnourished. I just prefer larger prey items less often and have an average growth rate. Adult size for my male BCC maybe he’ll get to 7ft. I would like him to teach that within 5 years maybe longer. That’s an inch a month average. I can’t wait for my little guy to be a beat!!
They are all growing in an upward curve, the only plateaus I've seen was the time they spent with my mother, and now that they've been with me a few months, they're already picking back up again.

I don't really mind when my boas get large, so long as they get there in a healthy way. I adjust my feedings as I feel necessary, my feeding regimen is more of a guideline. Sometimes they get more, sometimes they get less.

I'm personally very hesitant about larger prey items, because even when spaced out, sometimes they still get overweight. Especially if those prey items are fatty, such as with Guinea pigs or xl+ rats, or nutrient-dense such as with rabbits. I do feed larger prey on occasion, but I always balance it out with smaller prey items after. They'll gain a lot of weight even on just one or two large meals if you aren't careful (such as what I saw with Cloud). You gotta keep in mind, in the wild, they might not eat for many months after a particularly large meal. Feeding these big meals to them every 1-2 weeks is unhealthy and unnatural for them.
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