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Re: Emergency plz hwlp! regurgitzation

Originally Posted by craigafrechette View Post
If the snake regurged, leave it alone for a week. Don't feed again for AT LEAST two weeks, but you're better off going three weeks.

A regurge beats the crap out of the snake's insides, so it's very important to let it heal.
If it was only a regurgitation, then no damage is likely to have been done. Regurgitation is when the food is pushed back through the path it initially travelled before digestion has started. Could be caused by a number of things that either scare or stress the animal and make it want to prepare for a quick getaway.

Vomiting is a different matter. If it was vomited (i.e. after the digestion process had started), then dehydration and other imbalances can occur and the snake needs to rest as said above. The cause of vomiting also needs to be established and treated.

I got a bit confused with what happened exactly, so not sure if this is of much help.

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