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Re: Emergency plz hwlp! regurgitzation

Big snake girl I thought I just mentioned it. By accident and something out of my control he was left outside on a tiny fake decorative tree to enjoy the sunny day. Well I couldn’t find him I looked for 8 hours! Found him the next morning thank the lord and he just did not look like he had any type of bump all. So I’m thinking the stress of outside and him having to be on the move to get warm since the temps dropped in the 50s at night here in PA. im thinking he regurgitated. He’s absolutely fine now. Long story shot my nephew did something he wasn’t supposed to and caused this and I’m just happy I found him. Now I put a lock on his cage. I was almost in tears. I’m just so happy he’s back. So he shed a month ago exactly so I’m guess he refused the little fuzzy I offered him to see his responses but he wouldn’t eat. So either he’s full and did not regurgitates., or stressed out from being cold, or most likely because he’s in the very beginning stages of shed. I’ll find out soon. Once he sheds in the next 10-14 days kk feed him after and I’m sure he will be fine.

Please nobody judge me for what happened. Mistakes hallen. I fixed it and made sure it will never happen again and I am upset and ashamed enough.
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