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Re: Emergency plz hwlp! regurgitzation

Thanks Andy and bigsbake girl. Andy I have a very strict feeding schedule. I feed about 1/3 boy weight no weekly. Which is 1/6 a week which is about a small adult mouse. Which he ate. He only regurgitated if he even did because of being outside overnight in a 45-50 degree nighttime temp. And stress. I feed larger items less often and I have 15 years experience with constrictors. My feeding routine works and everyone is different and every snake is different. I will adjust his meals as we go along. If I feel they are too large I will reduce them. If I feel I’m feeding too often and he refuses food or shows signs of a problem. I will fix that problem.

Thanks again guys. He’s doing ok. He won’t eat but as I said he does seem like he’s in very very early shed stage. He shed last about a month ago exactly so I would figure as s 200 gram baby he should be shedding any day now. So maybe he’s refusing because he’s starting shed and not because of regurgitation. He very well may have not regurgitated. In my opinion I think he did spit the mouse up though. He was in a stressful situation and temps dropped a lot. Most snakes would regurgitate, especially since they do this so they can move faster and get out of danger.
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