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Re: Emergency plz hwlp! regurgitzation

If he regurged, wait at least 3 weeks and offer a half-sized meal for the first couple of meals before slowly increasing back up to his normal size.

If he didn't, feed on his normal schedule.

I don't offer smalls until they are 500-600 grams minimum, and my 1,100 gram boa is still eating smalls every 3 weeks, and has gained 100-200 grams while in my care eating in this way.

Originally Posted by Andy_G View Post
Should be feeding 10-15% or so of body weight every 10 to 14 days. What you're describing is too much food being offered too frequently for the species. Just my own opinion of course.

As far as how old he is, generally boas breed in the fall and winter and babies arrive in late winter or early spring, but that's not to say it isn't possible for it to be a September baby...just unlikely...unfortunately without them having provided a date of birth to you, all one can reasonably do is speculate.
I don't really like 10-15% rule in general, but a Bci could certainly physically handle that big of a meal. It would just be a bit of overfeeding. A Bcc on the other hand would likely regurge on that size of meal. Bcc seem to be very prone to prey size sensitivity, and more readily regurgitate than a Bci does. Not every Bcc is like this, of course, it's just a more common issue with them.

The bigger the snake, the larger a meal 10-15% becomes. A rat 10-15% the weight of an adult boa is a bigger meal proportionate to girth than a rat 10-15% of a juvenile's weight - compared to girth.

I agree with the age bit, it will be impossible to guess this boa's age simply based off of its size. Even when fed exactly the same way, boas will grow at their own rate, but how much they eat will also impact their growth greatly.
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