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Re: My Boa Feeding Regimens - TL;DR Warning

Originally Posted by BallBuster7653 View Post
You underfed your snakes considerably. It’s not bad. They are still healthy. But you feed them in s way they have every slow growth weight. For example. I’m guessing he’s boa constrictor imperator. Could be wrong but still applies. Your 2.5 year old bci should be about at least 4 ft and you day he’s 350 grams he should be feeding on small rats or equivalent of 75 grams every 2 weeks or a weaned eat 40 grams weekly. Just my 2 cent. Get me his exact age weight and length I’ll give you a guideline
I don't have any 2.5 year old boas. I have a 2 year old boa and two 3 year olds (well in June they will be - that's only 2 months away). The 2 year old is 3', perfectly acceptable for his age. The 3 year olds are right around 4'. Again, perfectly acceptable for their age.

The 2 year old male gets a weaned rat 30-45 grams or a day old chick every other week. The larger of my 3 year old females is currently getting the smallest medium rat I have or the largest smalls I have every other week, and the smaller one is getting a small rat or day old chick every other week.

Average growth for a slow grown boa:
1 year: 2.5'-3'
2 years: 3'-4'
3 years: 4'-5'
4 years: 5'-6'
5-6+ years is when they should reach 6.5'-7'+, if they ever get larger

BCC and dwarf localities will grow even slower, and the dwarves will stay smaller.

I also really really...reaaally don't appreciate you coming onto my post, as an inexperienced boa keeper, and telling me how to feed my animals. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, especially if it comes from an experienced keeper/breeder, but it comes off as condescending coming from a source with little to no experience. Also, because you have a history of power feeding, which is the exact opposite of what I'm trying to achieve here.

My aim is to slow growth rate, when comparing to the "average" growth rate where boas often reach/exceed 6' by 3 years old. Which the feeding generally required for this sort of growth is not healthy. It isn't aimed at *keeping* them small, they should still get to their potential with enough time.

I am also completely open to constructive criticism, if it meets my goal of a slow and healthy growth, and is given by a more experienced keeper than I. I am truly not trying to shut out any discourse, but so far you are the only one on this forum giving any feedback, and consistently keep doing so, despite me completely opposing your general mindset behind keeping these animals.

Once everyone poops (they were fed 3 days ago), I will post updated weights here, and see if I have any recent pics of them.
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