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Re: Fostering/adopting snake

Yes keep it far away from your other snakes. Preferably in another room/floor with completely different equipment (tongs, hooks, sponges, etc), disinfect, and toss your clothes in the laundry/take a shower after dealing with it. The fact the landlord has had it for almost a month without it being around other snakes could be considered part of its quarantine period too. It looks like a perfectly healthy common boa (bci/bi). Might actually be a little heavy and this brief period of no food is probably a good thing. A healthy adult boa can go months without food and not lose even a lb of weight. A fast my adult female for 3 months and she doesn’t lose weight.

Even though they left her it does look like they took good care of her. She has a nice iridescent sheen too, so I doubt she’s dehydrated.

75-78 cold
84-86 warm
88-90 hot spot
60-80% humidity

If she’s an adult, which she looks like, a large rat every 6 weeks will work but you’ll know what she can take better when you see her. She definitely looks big enough for larges in the picture. If she’s a little fat you could bump it down to mediums or just make her move around a lot to work off the extra weight. A boa with a healthy weight is a muscular, rectangular, loaf of bread shaped animal.
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