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Re: Corn Snake

Sounds like you've got everything planned out! I'm sure you'll enjoy your Corn and do just fine with it.

I use UTHs for my snakes, but I am thinking of switching over to RHPs slowly (the king will probably be the first to get one). I also use LED kitchen style lighting for their tanks - they're cheap and plenty bright, and I have them all on one timer to keep the day/night cycle going.

I'd be weary of those clips. I have them on my king snake's enclosure, and I find they are a little more flexible than they should be and not secure enough for my liking. I keep weighted items on the corners of the lid just because I am almost positive that she could bust through those clips if she wanted to. Your corn won't pose any issues with that for a while, but a full grown corn might be strong enough to move them slightly enough to escape. But while it's young, they can slip out of the smallest of gaps. I'm not saying not to get them, but I do think it would be worth putting some sort of objects on the corners to weigh it down.
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