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Fostering/adopting snake


Bit of background. We've been keeping snakes for a while. We have 3 Ball/Royal Pythons, 2 Corns and a Brazilian Rainbow Boa.

We've been asked to foster a snake after a lodger moved out of a house and left the snake. The landlord (who is the father of a friend of a friend) is trying to contact the lady to see if she wants the snake but he has no experience in keeping snakes.

The only information I have to go on is a photo (which ). I believe it is a common boa although my experience of boas is very limited to the brb we have. We have no idea of size, m/f, age etc etc. This obviously makes me very nervous. She left the beginning of April and the snake hasn't been fed or had temps checked although I believe he is making sure it has water. He has no idea what to do with snakes at all so I want to move fast on this for the welfare of the animal.

There are a couple of things I could really use some help on please.

Firstly, please could someone confirm if it is in fact a common boa?

I realise that taking a snake that we have no history of is a dodgy thing to do and if we decide to help it, it will be kept as far from our babies as possible for as long as possible (min 6 months if we ended up keeping it). Does anyone have any other tips on how to keep our snakes safe?

I will take it to our local trusted vet as soon as I can but are there things I should be looking out for? As much as I want to help, I don't have enough experience of boas to help a sick snake.

Any help or advice would be appreciated!
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