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Corn Snake

Hi, I'm new to this forum, and I am wanting to get a corn snake.
I've dont a lot of re-search, and I think a corn snake is the right pet for me.

I have experience with many animals including, dogs, fish, leopard geckos, hermit crabs, and other reptiles.
I think I could do a great job with a corn snake. I've never had a snake, so I wanted to try something new.

My list so far is the following,

Zilla Screen Lid - 21$

Zilla Screen Lid Clips - 5$

40g Breeder Tank
Eco Earth

I'm not sure about what light fixture to use, or heater.
I got most of my UTH heaters from Reptile Basics, but they aren't the best.

What do you guys use for your snakes?
Also, what light?

I have a quite large waterbowl, that is a corner bowl that I could use, it's an extra bowl I got from my hermit crabs, and don't need it anymore, so I could use that.

I'm planning to get a snake in June, or July.
So I have plenty of time to plan it out.
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