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Re: Emergency plz hwlp! regurgitzation

Originally Posted by BallBuster7653 View Post
I believe maybe your all right , he possible did digest it. And Craig maybe you should post if you haven’t read everything. The run on as explain was because I was speaking into my phone to get it all out there. If you have read it you would no I thought he regurgitated because he was lost outside overnight where the temps dropped into the high 40s which could have made him regurgitate.
Also between the pics and comparison does he look like he’s beginning shed? Because that could be another reason he refused. He shed in March 31. Well at this age it’s ahout once a month almost so maybe he’s refusing because he’s starting the shed cycle??

Either way he will definitely be shedding soon probably within the ne next 10-14 days so once that’s over with and he’s doing well andnd keeping warm in his cage I will then feed him again. Wish me luck! Sure he will be fine. I checked his mouth and teeth and all and all looked good so much he didn’t spit it up.

Also on a side not he’s 30” and a 100 grams. Does anyone know how old he is. How long are they and weight at birth? I got him from LLLreptile in mid March. So if he grew an inch a month from birth that be about 6 months and which means September he was born. Unless he was fed small items and kep different which could mean he’s much younger. Any ideas??

Thank you , reason I ask is because small rats at my pet shop is 40 grams. So the mice he eats every7-10 days are 20g. So my boa (Shade) is 100 grams. I was thinking he could take his first small rat at 120 grams. That’s 1/3 his body weight. So every 2 weeks he gets small eat in that scenario? Input is appreciated.

Thanks in advance for my long post with many wuestions! Love this forum

Michael Dolan
Should be feeding 10-15% or so of body weight every 10 to 14 days. What you're describing is too much food being offered too frequently for the species. Just my own opinion of course.

As far as how old he is, generally boas breed in the fall and winter and babies arrive in late winter or early spring, but that's not to say it isn't possible for it to be a September baby...just unlikely...unfortunately without them having provided a date of birth to you, all one can reasonably do is speculate.
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