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Re: Swapping Out Thermostats

Ok, correct me if I'm wrong here but "heating" means that the temperature will go *up* right? Because I've got the thing plugged back in to the thermostat outlet that says "heating", the probe taped back in place, the thermostat display says it's in "heat mode" and the "heating" indicator light is on, but as I've watched, the temp registered by the probe *taped directly to the heat mat* has gone *down* by 2 degrees.

Have the laws of physics changed suddenly? Do I just not understand what "heating" means with regards to a thermostat? Have I moved to an alternate universe where "heating" really means "cooling"? What is heat?

Am I crazy?

UPDATE: Nope, I'm in a universe where the thermostat outlet marked "cooling" has turned on my heat pad.
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