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I used the between the pad/glass method for a time, like most people recommended, but discarded that method a few months later: what I do works for me and the thermostat doesn't give me any bogus (aka inaccurate) readings.

Needless to say, I run the probe inside the tank, down the corner, to the middle of where the pad is below the glass; then, I tape it down with aluminum duct tape (same kind used for heating/cooling ducts), taping down the probe and taping down the wire until it reaches the corner. I use suction cups w/hooks to manage the cable running up the corner. And thus far, over the past year, in cages with diggers (i.e. Kings, Corns, and a Bull) and I have yet to have a snake pull the tape loose--the aluminum tape is that strong and that resilient.

I don't know how large your probes are for the Zilla thermostat, but if it's anything like that I used before, it's LARGE. I use Herpstat Thermostats w/stainless steel probes and they are rather thin, about 4mm in diameter, so they are rather unobtrusive to the snakes, and if you use enough substrate, the snake will never really know it's there.

I agree with you regarding the pad "bubble"--there's heat loss there where the probe is pushing up the pad. Having the probe right on the glass inside the cage ensures that the reading is more accurate inside the cage. I also use a separate thermometer probe, at the top of substrate as a second check of temperature--the probe is always going to be a few degrees higher (i.e. 88 vice 85) at the glass and cooler at the top of the substrate due to heat loss. So if the snake wants to get a little warmer, it can burrow down below and still not get burnt.
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