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Originally Posted by Kevin C View Post
Hi, Phenyx. In the last post did you mean to say "thermometer" probe instead of "theromostat" probe? Just trying to clarify so others can help...Typically, when using UTH, it is recommended to secure the thermostat probe between the UTH and the bottom of the enclosure/tub.(on the outside).
I know the difference between a thermostat and a thermometer probe. (Forgive my peevishness, I have a screaming migraine.) I was referring to the thermostat probe, but your next statement confuses me. The thermostat probe for my BRBs cage is a ZooMed ReptiTemp Digital Thermostat. In order to get in between the UTH and the bottom of the glass, I would have to peel off the UTH, thus voiding the warranty, put the bulky 3/4" long, 3/8"-1/4" diameter probe in the middle of the sticky pad and then hope the mat resticks itself to the glass properly with a giant thing distorting it, but because it's a bulky, round probe, and because these ZooMed heat mats are not very flexible at all, it would create a large air pocket in the UTH, which the UTH instructions specifically told me to avoid. The probe is way too bulky to be attached thusly while still maintaining the integrity of the heat mat. I could, of course tape it to the outside of the mat but then I'll be measuring air temp again.

I have a different thermostat on my BPs cage (an Exo-Terra 600w Dimming & Pulse Proportional Thermostat) that has an integrated photo sensor in the probe itself that enables the night drop. That probe is obviously not meant to be stuffed between a UTH and the glass because doing so would defeat the entire purpose of having the photo sensor.

Both of these thermostats state clearly that they are meant to be used with UTHs yet neither of their instruction booklets says *anything* about probe placement between the UTH and the glass, while the UTH instructions clearly state to avoid air pockets.

So if there's a thermostat out there with a probe that is thin and *flat* and conducive to being sandwiched between the UTH and the glass without causing the air bubble that the UTH manufacturers specifically tell you to avoid, please tell me what it is. Otherwise, I need to find another solution. Can I bury it in the substrate on top of the glass over the heat mat? (The one without the photo sensor I mean.)
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