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Hi, Phenyx. In the last post did you mean to say "thermometer" probe instead of "theromostat" probe? Just trying to clarify so others can help.

Typically, when using UTH, it is recommended to secure the thermostat probe between the UTH and the bottom of the enclosure/tub (on the outside). This way, it represents the actual temperature at the heat source and cannot read false low temps created by moisture, waste, or getting moved around by the snake inside the enclosure. That can make the thermostat believe the temp is colder than it actually is and create an overheating situation. The thermometer probe is secured on the bottom of the enclosure (inside) to give you the actual max temp inside the enclosure. So, the thermostat is adjusted based upon the thermometer probe or gun temperatures at the warmest spot inside the enclosure. A glue gun has always worked well for me when securing the thermometer probe. I would avoid tape or anything else that could stick to your snake.

For example, my Herpstat is set based upon my thermometer probe or gun readings inside the enclosure at the warmest area directly above the heat source. I personally use a low end temp of 73-74 F with the warmest spot at 84F so the snake can thermoregulate as she chooses. The thermostat reading will inevitably need to be set a little higher than the temperature you want to maintain at the warmest spot within the enclosure as it has to travel through the plastic or other material of your cage.

I could have read that wrong and if so I apologize for giving info that you don't need. But, if your thermostat probe is inside your enclosure that could be part of the problem.
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