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Re: Regurg

Originally Posted by phenyx View Post
Belly heat is provided by a UTH on a thermostat. I've also got a 40w CHE suspended above the enclosure on the warm side to raise the ambient temps because when the ambient was "room temperature" (74) he wasn't eating at all.

What I don't understand about the temps is how the thermostat probe on top of the substrate, over the UTH, could have registered 85 degrees while the IR heat gun pointed at the same spot could register 95 degrees. I just checked it again and the thermostat says it's 78 degrees while the temp gun says it's 88 degrees. The temp gun is correctly measuring other temps so it's the one I trust.

Do thermostat probes always measure so much lower than the actual temperature?
The UTH is enough, that CHE sounds like way too much heat, and high temps can certainly cause a regurge.

You can also try setting the CHE lower so that it's putting off less heat. I'd aim for a surface temp no higher than 85-87F and ambients no higher than 80-81F (directly under the lamp).

The reason why the thermometer probe is reading 84F is because it's reading the ambient temperature. The temp gun is reading 95F because it's reading the surface temp. CHE radiate heat, so it will heat objects below it easier than the air around it.
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