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Exclamation Regurg

So, I fed Jerkface his 6 gm fuzzie for the week on Tuesday and today I found said fuzzie regurgitated onto the substrate. (I know he actually ate it because I'm still having to feed him in the 2 cup rubbermaid container otherwise he ignores it.) I'm embarrassed to say I'm not exactly sure when he regurgitated, but it looked fairly fresh so I'm thinking sometime in the past 24 hours. It didn't look digested at all. The smell, however, was something really special.

Now what do I do?

Ambient temp is 78, humidity is 84%+ - a bit lower than I usually keep it but still high enough for a BRB. I did check my hot spot temps: thermostat probe on top of the substrate says 84 but IR temp gun said 95. I don't understand how it could be 95 when thermostat is set to 84. Makes no sense.
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