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Re: My husband killed my snake 😥😥😫😫

Snakes pick up vibration through their jawbone where it is then transmitted to their brain.
With very strong bass being popular while listening to music, that would transmit a lot of vibration.

BRB's are a bit more challenging to raise but I'm sure you had everything in place to accommodate Saphire just fine.

It's hard to say what the cause was for your snakes death but an electronic thermometer will not do anything to prevent extreme temps from occurring on your next business trip. It will only tell you if your snake was cooked or frozen.

Myself personally, I would never blast anything around my snakes and never have. I don't believe science has any animal totally figured out. Science hasn't even figured humans out yet.

As far as the wax scents you referred to. Once again unless it is fresh air coming through open windows, I avoid that stuff too. Like I said earlier, science hasn't totally figured us out yet and I can guarantee with 100% certainty no studies have ever been conducted how wax scents affect snakes.
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