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Re: What the what?!

Originally Posted by craigafrechette View Post
First off, Ziggy, that's awesome, thanks for sharing!!!

Now, to the important part: you were working THE MASTERS?!?!?!??! How'd you get that gig? And what do you do?
Back when I worked at the Country Club one of the members used to work it every year. He knew somebody who got him in and was invited back each year. He would walk with one group per day, basically watching and assisting with rulings, etc... he would obviously defer to the actual officials, but acted as a pair of eyes and a middle man between players and officials. I left back in 2010, so not sure if he still does it, but it was pretty cool to hear his stories. He walked with Phil two years in a row and Leftie actually remembered him the second year. He couldn't say enough good things about Phil.
Craig- I'm usually in Augusta every year for the Masters. The company that I work for owns and operates one of the nicer hospitality facilities up there so we basically cater to a bunch of international big wigs for the week. It's a long work week with 16 hour days but it's a lot of fun and I'm not even a big golf fan.
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