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Re: Stuck Shed Advice

Time to fill the bath tub with 30 to 32 degree C. water and give your snake a swim. After a period of time you will see skin sloughing off. Gently rub the areas to assist removal. Please don't peel the skin. Do this for maybe an hour if required. If it all doesn't come off, remove him from the tub and put him in his cage and up his humidity to around 75% or so. The next day see if he was able to work the rest off. If not totally successful, back to the bath tub he goes. If a second bath is required the rest should come quite easily and rapidly.

To prevent in the future. Increase the cage humidity to 75% or so the day you see him go in blue. This should give him a good shed. Some people once their snakes eyes clear up after going blue and a day or two prior to shed give them a swim for a while. I've never done this but there is that rare occasion I wish I had.
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