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Question Stuck Shed Advice

Hey guys, one of my Boas shed during the night and this morning when i checked him hes still got bits of skin all over him. I haven't had him out to fully inspect him yet as i needed to go to work, so i just turned on his light and left him alone.

In the past I've had a shed stuck on my milk snake and I've just put him in a wet pillow case and let him slither through a towel to get it off.

He's a bit big to be putting in a pillow case and he wouldn't really be able to move very much once hes in there anyway, should i still try this? or would fully bathing him be better?

Also is there anything i can do to prevent this happening in the future? its his second shed in about 5 weeks which is unusual. His temps are all good and i keep his humidity at 50-60%. He was sprayed last night before i went to bed too as i had a feeling he would shed through the night. Could this have been the cause? if he was too wet when trying to shed?
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