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What the what?!

So I'm working up in Augusta at The Masters last week and I call home to check on the family like I do every night. After hearing all is well with mama bear and baby bear I ask about the slithery critters. My son (8) walks through the den checking on the snakes and says one of the jungle carpets needs water and that She-RA, my bull snake, has laid eggs. I tell him that's IMPOSSIBLE because she's never been bred. He insists that he knows an egg when he sees one and that there are definitely eggs in the tank. I can't call him a liar, because he's not, so I tell him to get his mom. Wifey comes in and quickly confirms that there are at least two EGGS in the enclosure. Over the next few days she laid a total of about (16) unfertilized eggs. I'd never seen or heard of this happening but after some quick internet research and a talk with the breeder I found out that it's not very uncommon. Has anyone else had this happen in their collection?
Anyway, I got back home very early Monday morning and was still surprised to see all those eggs. Sorry I didn't take more pics . The breeder said it was ok for me to remove them so I did and then tossed them into the woods out back. He also said I could feed her a smaller than average meal to help her get her strength back. I'll do that this weekend. All in all it was pretty cool to learn something new about these remarkable creatures.

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