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Unhappy Sick ball python?!

Hey guys,

So about 2 months ago my ball python started "constantly pooping", meaning his tail is lifted and hes dropping tiny bits of liquid constantly. So, after talking to several vets, reptile stores, and snake enthusiasts with the same responces, we came to the conclusion that he was constipated and itll probably pass. (Sadly im on welfare so a vet trip is out of the question. i called many vets to ask for advice, suggestons, fees, possibly a free bee check up... but had no luck).

Anyways, so i soaked him aswell as raised the temps and humidity like suggested and after about 2 weeks of no progress i started to panic a little. I started searching for someone or somewhere who i could surrender him to so he can have a chance to live a long healthy life; but next thing i know, another 2 weeks pass and hes just gotten worse.

A month in and hes now showing other symptoms. Hes drinking more frequently, bubbling from his nose and mouth, farting, and open mouth breathing. Talked to a few places and people and now were thinking its a RI, but no one has ever seen or heard this constant pooping thing. Ive sent pictures and they dont think its prolapsed hemipenes either. Google is also useless with this!

Now, its been a month a half and im still looking for someone to take him. Hes gotten worse within the past 2 weeks, his tongue looks darker, not active at all (ive had to double check if hes passed a few times), he doesnt care if im in his enclosure but before hed strike, hes hissing alot or letting air out of his mouth but i cant tell, and as of today hes releasing constant blood instead of the usual brown and white stuff.

I feel so bad for him suffering but i dont know what to do. I dont have the heart to euthanize him myself and clearly finding him somewhere thatll take care of him is impossible. Ive thought about the fridge/freezing euthenization method but ive read alot of mixed reviews about it (the way i think about it is hes suffering now, so atleast id be stopping it) but idk.

I think at this point i just want to see if anyone has experienced this? Do you know what this is? Why its happening? If theres hope for him? If i should euthenize him myself if i cant find someone within the next week? Can you think of anywhere in toronto that would take him (all places ive contacted wont take him without a surrendering fee or wont take him because hes sick)?

His thermastat is set to 90F with a heat lamp on the hot side and the ambient temp throughout the enclosure lowers to the cool side of 80F. The humidity is 55%. water dish always filled and the paper is changed weekly unless actually dirty. Right before he got sick i had removed his hide because he outgrew it, but i dont see how 1 day of being hideless could cause all this. Before this he was eating normal, normal bowels, normal movements and actions; my other snake which lives right above him is perfectly healthy.

All this time ive been cleaning his enclosure daily because he is literally slithering in his own liquids, making my house stink, and covering the paper towel almost completely within a day. ive removed his hide completely now since he doesnt use it anymore and just gets it dirty. The following picture is literally within an hour of a cleaning:

This picture is of his vent and his "constant pooping" stance (it wasnt like this the entire month and a half, at the begining he would stop for a bit and it would go normal again; but after so long of the issue it wont go back to normal now).

Thanks for any advice or suggestions and feel free to post your own experiences with this sort of issue!
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