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Live Feeding?


My male adult Boa isn't interested in his food recently. I took him in from a guy who couldn't keep him anymore due to work/college commitments. I've been told they go off their food during mating season, and he was also being housed with a suspected female (which i also took in and have since separated).

He was feeding a medium rabbit every 4 weeks. I've tried giving him 2 so far and hes turned them both away (even after leaving them in overnight) He did take 1 large rat, but he didn't show any enthusiasm about it. I had to leave it in his viv overnight. I'm getting a bit worried that 1 large rat won't be enough for him as hes huge. Anyway i'm wondering if i should try feeding him live bait? He apparently just ate before i got him and he did do a poop 4 days after picking him up so i'm not too worried about him having an obstruction.

Obviously live would be a last resort, so if you guys have any other ideas i'd be happy to try anything!

Also if it does come to live feeding am i allowed to literally buy a pet rabbit from a pet shop and throw it in? or does it have to be bought from an actual breeder of live bait?

Thanks in advance!
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