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Re: My Boa Feeding Regimens - TL;DR Warning

Here's Crona's post. Sorry it took so long, but I've been pretty bogged down at work.

The day he arrived, at 4 months old. He was 82 grams, unknown length, but most likely 18"-21" or so, considering Nymeria's length/weight ratio. He started out eating hopper mice every 10-14 days at this time.

This is him at 1 year old. Being male, he has grown slightly slower than Nymeria, but he isn't too far behind. Plus, at 4 months old he was the same size Nymeria was at 1 month, so that's already a headstart for Nymeria.

At this point, he had graduated up to medium adult mice, eating every 2 weeks. I don't have any length or weight records at this time, but 4 months earlier he was 27" and the month before he weighed 148 grams. So a rough guesstimate of 30-31"+ and 150-155 grams seems reasonable.

These photos were taken right after a shed.

With Crona, I opted to skip the jumbo mice, and instead kept him on large adult mice until he could comfortably take weaned rats. This is because Nymeria grew less than one inch during the 4 months I had her on jumbos, but did nearly double her weight.

He just celebrated his 2nd birthday in February. He's been on weaned rats since January, so that's what he was eating when he turned 2. He weighed in at 268 grams during the month of his second birthday, and the following month (which was last month) he came out to 35" and 300 grams.

This photo is from March.

This is the size of meals he's currently getting, this was from his feeding on March 30. Just a couple days late.

From a normal angle, you couldn't tell he ate.

But zoom in at his bulge, and it becomes noticeable, and is small.

His most recent weight was 351 grams, but I suspect some of that may be the weight of his meal, so I'll weigh him again before I feed him again.
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