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Re: My Boa Feeding Regimens - TL;DR Warning

Originally Posted by BallBuster7653 View Post
Who’s wait! What kind of boa are these and how old. Big snake girl. Sexed too. List each one again for me please. But include their age and sex and if you use forbhreeding it now
Nymeria is a 2015 female sunglow 66% het anery. I do not plan on breeding her for another 2-3 years, at which point she'll be 5-6 years old.

Crona is a 2016 male anery motley 66% het Kahl. If I breed him, it will be next year at the earliest, if he's producing sperm or at least shows interest. Might take longer, as it depends on when he's willing.

Tirel is a 2015 female ghost (poss super) 66% het Kahl. I do not plan on breeding her for another 2-3 years, either.

Howl is a 2010 male ghost, that's all I know. He's ready to breed whenever.

Dominika is a 2008 PROVEN female jungle boa, she's also ready to breed whenever. Her very first (and so far only) litter was at ~7 years old. 19 babies, no stills and no slugs. She was 9.2 lbs before becoming gravid.

Cloud is a 2011 male wild type Boa imperator. I do not ever plan on breeding him, despite his...enthusiasm...

At the moment, I do not plan on breeding due to space restrictions, but I'm hoping to make this breeding season if I can find a new place in time.
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