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Re: Feeding regimen for all constrictors!! A MUST read and would love some input+disc

Donít leave Michael Robinson. Your right.

First of all if your breeding your snake than the formula I made needs to be adjusted I have one for that too. And whoever asked me where they can see where I came up with the wild voids are 4x their weight a year. And 2 in captivity. Itís bit sineehvjf I can show you. You need to buy the book called ďwhatís wrong eith my snake.
Anyway Iím feeding my boa whoís 100 grams and 29Ē a hopper mouse weigh 12g only every 5 days. Thatís 1/3 body weight every 2 weeks. Guys my formula is based in a 2 week thing. So if you wanna do it weekly. It would be 12.5 percent weekly to come to 25 percent hi weekly for a boa around 4ft which I go to 1/4 at. Once he is 180 grams he will get a small tat which is smallest I can get at pet store. It will weigh around 60 grams. So he will eating 1/3 his weight every 2 weeks. I will feed more often once he is growing.

Also bigsbake girl. My male is 27Ē and 100 grams. Heíll seitch to rats soon. And by time heís a year. Another 6 months he will be about 3ft. So your right. 4 ft after 2 years. 5-6 ft 3 years 3-5 years 6.5-7.5 ft for male Suriname.

So until my boa is 4 ft. Could be 1-1.5 years. He eats 1/4 biweekly. So letís say Iím guessing he weighs 500 grams. He gets medium rat about 125-150g. Every 2 weeks so thatís about 1:5 r biweeklym. . A small tat weekly. Same thing. Anyway things are going well with my guy. Formula working great. I am concerned for one thing. He has not defecated in past 2 weeks. His humidity is perfect. He shed in one peice and has had 3 feedings so far with me
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