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Question Exo Terra 600w Thermostat

Does anyone have experience with this product?

I ordered this for Nagini's new 40 gal viv and it arrived today. I hadn't used a heat mat with her previous enclosure so the new mat has been unplugged since I introduced her yesterday and I've just been using the overhead bulb/CHE that she's used to.

Anyway, when I set up the new thermostat, the instructions outlined how to set day and night temperatures, and I followed them, but there's no time function on this thermostat. So how do I tell it when to use the day setting and when to use the night setting? Right now it's 5 pm and I want it on the day setting until 7 pm, but it's stubbornly staying on the night setting and I can't figure out how to switch it over to the warmer setting.

The instructions don't say anything about this. Would it do an automatic 12/12 do you think?
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